Mail à Tim Cook

Répondra-t-il ? Agira-t-il ?


Dear Timothy,

Please read this message entirely – and personally, may I add.

I’m sure you know how much Steve deeply wanted to make the world better. Consider this could be a message from him, or from « God », or from your own good will.

It’s time you show the way.

Financial markets are about to explode. Whole countries are about to bankrupt. Millions, billions of people are about to suffer even more than they do today.

What can you do about it?

Give Apple’s cash hoard to the needy. Today. Choose them wisely.

Investors will lose money. Markets will hate that move and Wall Street will collapse.

What will remain will be the Revelation we are all waiting for.

Profit cannot exist in our ideal world.

Apple, please bite the apple. Please bite yourself. Tim, please Cook the Apple. Sublimate your Jobs. Be that Genius.

Good luck, my friend! 🙂




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